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We Provide The Bset Electrical Product & Engineering Services..

WODFA is advanced company established since 2009, professionally specialized in building, designing and installing electrical products and provide related advisory services

List of Our Services

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Testing & Operation

Fully Test and Operate the system to perform the tasks accurately

Technical Consulting

Providing consultancy and engineering solutions to our clients.

Installations Supervision

Control of the quality of installation and check-up of the whole equipments

Technical Training

Teach all skills you need to Save, Running and Operate your system

System Services

Designing system as modern way and provide consultant services to save it

System & Plans Design

Determine project requirements and making plans to start building

System Installation

Cabling, termination, civil and mechanical works related to installation

Engineering Services

Taking care of all engineering services such as programming and training

Maintenance Services

Responsible for regular maintenance services and system development


# Overview :

Due to the steady growth in the energy and infrastructure sectors, consideration has been taken to provide maintenance services, which are concerned with providing integrated and competitive solutions to its customers in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety and within the specified timeframe.

# Maintenance Works :

The team of service engineers at WODFA Industrial Company Factory makes preventive maintenance visits during the customer’s one (1) year warranty period and the company also provides maintenance service plans to achieve optimum performance. The technical team WODFA Industrial Company Factory also conduct continuous training and knowledge transfer for customers through technical seminars to keep the customer updates.

# Response and Escalation Actions :

The following are the support mechanisms used by the Maintenance and Technical Support Department:

All factory defects will be treated promptly after proper documentation. WODFA Industrial Company shall be responsible for any non-conformity of specifications without prior notice and is due from the customer.

All equipment that will be classified as critical (High Importance) will be provided with 24/7 service.

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