IOT & Digital Solutions

IOT & Digital Solutions

Because the IOT and smart solutions are the future, we are investing in this field as well as we do with the Industrial Automation department. We believe that both departments are completing each other.

Relying on this fact, we have smarter control systems that increase the efficiency, productivity, creativity, reliability and more cost efficient.

What are Our Solutions ?

Learn about our smart solutions which we provided in WODFA

IOT remote controlled
IOT Remote Controlled and Monitored Pump Stations

Complete, ready-made pumping stations characterized by quality and more effective services

Automatic Billing System (1)
Automatic Billing System with Modern Technologie

Smart auto billing system for shopping malls and commercial establishments to make their life easier

IOT Production Monitoring img
Production Monitoring and Reporting

A clear history of factories to avoid interruption of production, you need it many activities

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IOT and Digital Solutions ?

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